Nutritional properties and values

Manchego cheese is a very complete food, which concentrates all the nutritional qualities of milk. It contains a high proportion of proteins, which makes it even richer in these elements than meat. Manchego cheese also contains important vitamins such as A, D and E, which are essential for metabolic processes such as growth, tissue preservation and calcium absorption.

Given its composition, its consumption is recommended for all ages: it is suitable for children in the growth stage because of its high calcium content, and for adult, because of the large amount of protein it provides, which covers the daily wear and tear on these immediate principles. Finally, its consumption is advisable for the elderly, as it delays, to a large extent, bone decalcification and is a more digestible food than milk.

Nutritional values of Manchego cheese

(Composition per 100g of edible portion)

ComponentsManchego CuredSemicured Manchego
Water27,20 g.42,20 g.
Energy467,00 kcal.383,00 kcal.
Energy1.954,00 kj.1.602,00 kj.
Total nitrogen5,96 g.4,51 g.
Protein nitrogen5,72 g.4,32 g.
Carbohydrates0,51 g.0,50 g
Total lipids35,80 g.30,40 g.
Saturated fatty acids18,70 g.18,90 g.
Monounsaturated fatty acids 8,40 g.9,00 g.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids6,20 g.0,72 g.
Cholesterol74,40 mg.87,80 mg.
Fibre0,00 g.0,00 g.
Calcium848,00 mg.765,00 mg.
Magnesium33,50 mg.36,00 mg.
Iron0,75 mg.0,64 mg.
Iodine4,10 mcg.34,10 mcg.
Zinc3,20 mg.4,00 mg.
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)0,04 mg.0,04 mg.
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)0,33 mg.0,30 mg.
Niacin (nicotinic acid)0,10 mg.7,20 mg.
Folic acid21,80 mcg.21,30 mcg.
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)1,50 mcg.1,50 mcg.
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)0,20 mg.0,20 mg.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)0,00 mg.0,00 mg.
Vitamin A (retinol equivalents)234,00 mcg.360,00 mcg.
Vitamin D30,19 mcg.0,28 mcg.
Vitamin E0,61 mg0,62 mg.
TRANS fatty acids3% of the total ac. fatty3% of the total ac. fatty
Sodium600 mg.600 mg.
1g fat9 kcal.9 kcal.